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ABOUT MAGGIE-We decided to get a puppy and began scouring the local online market places in the beginning of July in 2005. We answered an ad that was advertising small, mixed breed pups, made an appointment and drove an hour north to NordingrĂ¥ to visit the puppies. The breeder had the puppies out in her yard in a small enclosure. The pups were 8 weeks old. She told us that the mother was a Papillon and that the father was a Yorkshire Terrier. Both parents were there. One of the puppies looked very much like a Chihuahua, as he was short-haired and black and tan colored. I questioned the owner, because the father of the puppies did not look like a pure bred Yorkie to me, but she insisted that he was.There were four puppies in the litter. One had been sold already. Beside the one that looked like a Chihuahua, there was Maggie and then another female that had the same features as Maggie, only she was all brown with a black stripe running down the middle of her back. We decided that we liked the coloring of little Maggie and her sweet disposition, so we happily bought her and took her home that day.I have heard of so many names of this mixed breed. They can be called Yorkipaps, Papiyorks or Yorkillons! Maggie has the Yorkie face with the Pap ears and coloring. So many people that meet her have said what a perfect combination of breeds she seems to be!One of the neat things about Maggie is that we will never forget her birthday. She was born on May 5, 2005, so it's 5/5/05! So I suppose you could say that her lucky number is 5!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Importance of Grooming Your Dog

If you are the proud owner of a dog, (and I say proud because I know that all people who own dogs are very proud of their four-legged friend), then it is absolutely essential that you keep your dog clean and healthy.
Dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis. This includes regular brushing which will keep the fur from matting or tangling, and will also remove the dead hair from your dog's coat. You can purchase a good quality dog brush at any pet store. Be sure you get a brush that is made for the type of hair or fur you dog has. You can ask the shop attendant for assistance in choosing the brush if you are unsure.
Dogs do not necessarily need to be bathed so terribly often. This all depends on how dirty your dog gets. I own a mixed breed between a Yorkie and a Papillon and she only requires to be bathed every few months. We live in the city and walk mostly on groomed trails and sidewalks, so she stays relatively clean.
Do use a shampoo that is made specifically for dogs. These too can be found at pet stores. Dog shampoos are created with your pet in mind and will not irritate their skin like some shampoos that are made for humans can. Be sure to put some cotton swabs just inside the dog's ear cavity when giving him a bath, to stop water from entering the inner ear, which could lead to an inner ear infection.
Part of a regular grooming routine for you dog should include regular clipping or trimming of the claws. Keeping the claws trimmed will, for one, be more comfortable for your dog, plus it will prevent the claws from curling and possibly growing into the pads of the paw. Some breeds have an extra claw a bit higher up on the front legs. These are called 'dew claws' and it is essential that these be trimmed also, as a long dew claw can easily grow into the skin of the leg of your dog.
You must be very careful when trimming your dog's claws so as not to take off too much of the tip, for if you trim too far down, it will create pain and some bleeding. There are some really great claw clippers/trimmers available in pet stores that make the job easier. If you do not feel comfortable trimming the claws, call your local dog groomer and make a quick appointment. You need not pay more than around five dollars for this service. Ask your groomer to show you how to safely trim the claws.
Dogs like to be clean and well cared for, just as we humans do. Your dog depends on you to keep him clean and healthy, so do not neglect the hygiene of your best friend!
Written by Cin Rupp. Come and visit my blog and see some really cute photos of Maggie!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Want Companionship? Get Yourself a Pet!

If you want a companion or a little company in your home, consider buying a pet. There are many types of pets to choose from and you should choose your pet to fit into your lifestyle and the size of your home.
If you live in an apartment building, getting a dog may not be your first best choice. Dogs must be taken outdoors several times a day, and if you leave home to work, your dog will be left alone in your apartment and will become lonely, may disturb the neighbors with barking, plus you will need to hire someone to come and take your dog out for walks while you are away.
There are several other pets that would do well living in an apartment. A cat can live happily indoors all it's life and can be left alone for longer periods of time. Having a hamster or other some animal is also an alternative. Birds make great pets for apartment dwellers as well, and provide company. It is nice to start the mornings off with a sweet bird song!
Having an aquarium filled with colorful fish is cheerful, and it is said that an aquarium provides a calming affect to people. Aquariums come in all sizes and shapes, so an aquarium would be a perfect choice for a person living in an apartment.
If you live in a house or share part of a house, a dog or a puppy would be a good choice. Dogs need space and adore being outdoors, so if you have a little patch of grass, your dog will be very pleased.
It is known that pet owners live longer then people who do not own a pet. Pets provide company to people and they depend on you to take care of their basic needs. Once you have chosen your pet, visit your local pet store to buy the necessary pet supplies tailored to your new friend.
Written by Cindy Rupp Best Top-Quality Pet Supplies!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Choosing Treats For Your Dog

We usually feed our dogs the same dog food every day. Dogs enjoy having a bit of variation in their diets, and there are an lot of dog treats available on the market. It can be a bit confusing choosing a good treat for your dog.
Many supermarkets offer dog treats in their pet aisles. If you check the ingredient list on the package, this may aid you in deciding what treat to choose. You want to give you dog only treats that are healthy and should avoid low priced treats, as the quality is often on the low end.
Many of these cheaper dog treats that are for sale in grocery stores and discount chain stores, unfortunately contain a lot of artificial ingredients and chemicals. It may be a wiser choice to shop online for a high quality dog treat that contains only natural ingredients. Pet shops also have top quality treats and the shop owners or clerks are well-informed and can assist you in choosing a good treat for your dog.
If your dog is older and not as active as he or she used to be, it may be wise to choose a treat that is low in fat. Another dog treat option is finding a 'chew stick' that is made to clean the dog's teeth as he or she chews. Dogs have a tendency to get a buildup of plaque on their teeth just like humans do, and if you do not brush your dog's teeth (many dog owners do not) then most vets will advise dog owners to provide this type of chew treat to their pets.
Your dog will be happy getting a bit of variation and you will be happy knowing that you made a wise choice.


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