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ABOUT MAGGIE-We decided to get a puppy and began scouring the local online market places in the beginning of July in 2005. We answered an ad that was advertising small, mixed breed pups, made an appointment and drove an hour north to Nordingrå to visit the puppies. The breeder had the puppies out in her yard in a small enclosure. The pups were 8 weeks old. She told us that the mother was a Papillon and that the father was a Yorkshire Terrier. Both parents were there. One of the puppies looked very much like a Chihuahua, as he was short-haired and black and tan colored. I questioned the owner, because the father of the puppies did not look like a pure bred Yorkie to me, but she insisted that he was.There were four puppies in the litter. One had been sold already. Beside the one that looked like a Chihuahua, there was Maggie and then another female that had the same features as Maggie, only she was all brown with a black stripe running down the middle of her back. We decided that we liked the coloring of little Maggie and her sweet disposition, so we happily bought her and took her home that day.I have heard of so many names of this mixed breed. They can be called Yorkipaps, Papiyorks or Yorkillons! Maggie has the Yorkie face with the Pap ears and coloring. So many people that meet her have said what a perfect combination of breeds she seems to be!One of the neat things about Maggie is that we will never forget her birthday. She was born on May 5, 2005, so it's 5/5/05! So I suppose you could say that her lucky number is 5!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweden Is Very Dog Friendly

I moved to Sweden from the USA a few years back after meeting my 'life partner'. It was a bit of a culture shock, so to speak, but I easily adapted and find myself quite comfortable here in Scandinavia. I noticed right away that this country allows pets pretty much everywhere. You are allowed to take your pet on any city bus in any town, with the only stipulation being that you must sit towards the back of the bus with your dog, in case someone riding the bus is allergic. It costs a few cents extra to take your dog on the bus, but if your dog is small and you are able to carry him or her, it costs nothing. Maggie is very small and light, so I simply take along the small doggie carrier I have and she can follow me anywhere. I told myself before I got Maggie, that I would be sure to include her in most of my out-of-house activities, and I am doing just that. Also, you are allowed to have pets-both dogs and cats in basically any apartment in the country with no questions asked. I really like that policy because I often, when living in the US, was turned down for apartments because I was a pet owner. I think one of the reasons they allow pets in apartments here is because here in Sweden all apartments and most homes have hardwood floors. I have very rarely seen a home here that has wall-to-wall carpeting. I like that too, as I often had to rent expensive carpet steam-cleaners in the states to clean my carpeting. The lack of carpeting makes cleaning easy and another plus is that you can shop for different throw rugs when you tire of the old ones! You are required by law to pick up after your dog when they deficate in public. All dog owners here carry 'doggie poopie bags' with them. They are small, black plastic bags that you take up the waste with and then just toss them in special trash cans throughout the city that are specifically for the doggie bags. Well, have a great day readers and thanks for stopping by! Cin


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