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ABOUT MAGGIE-We decided to get a puppy and began scouring the local online market places in the beginning of July in 2005. We answered an ad that was advertising small, mixed breed pups, made an appointment and drove an hour north to NordingrĂ¥ to visit the puppies. The breeder had the puppies out in her yard in a small enclosure. The pups were 8 weeks old. She told us that the mother was a Papillon and that the father was a Yorkshire Terrier. Both parents were there. One of the puppies looked very much like a Chihuahua, as he was short-haired and black and tan colored. I questioned the owner, because the father of the puppies did not look like a pure bred Yorkie to me, but she insisted that he was.There were four puppies in the litter. One had been sold already. Beside the one that looked like a Chihuahua, there was Maggie and then another female that had the same features as Maggie, only she was all brown with a black stripe running down the middle of her back. We decided that we liked the coloring of little Maggie and her sweet disposition, so we happily bought her and took her home that day.I have heard of so many names of this mixed breed. They can be called Yorkipaps, Papiyorks or Yorkillons! Maggie has the Yorkie face with the Pap ears and coloring. So many people that meet her have said what a perfect combination of breeds she seems to be!One of the neat things about Maggie is that we will never forget her birthday. She was born on May 5, 2005, so it's 5/5/05! So I suppose you could say that her lucky number is 5!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It is important from an early age to put a collar on your pup to get him/her used to it. Do not, however, leave the collar on the puppy if she is un-attended to to avoid the risk of an accident. If a dog is startled or becomes upset, they can sometimes ‘choke’ on the collar by getting it caught in their mouth or accidently get it caught on something which could cut off their air supply. We would attach a lightweight leash to our 9 week out while she was in the yard with us and simply let her drag it around for a few minutes to get used to having something attached to her and then approach and gently pick up the leash handle and gently lead her around the yard, enouraging her to come with us. We then began slowly leaving the yard with Maggie on the leash and taking walks around the complex. We used an harness for walking-we felt that since she was so small that a harness provided security and we didn’t really feel comfortable using a collar on that tiny neck. We bought a ‘no pull’ type harness on Ebay. The leash clip is on the front of the harness, so when Maggie would begin to pull ahead and the leash became taunt, it automatically forced her to turn around to face us-hence stopping the pulling. Note that this type of harness is for training purposes only (as it could easily slip off) to teach the dog to break the pulling habit. We highly recommend this type of harness. It proved to be very effective while training our small dog not to pull. There were times when we would use the training harness again as she sometimes would revert back to trying to get ahead and pull on her regular harness. Only after a day or so with the no-pull harness training it was back to the regular harness once again!
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  1. Great info Maggie! It is very important to start training when we're pups. It only makes it easier for us, and our parents :-)

  2. I was looking at this picture again today, and have decided that you look just like and Ewok from Star Wars!!



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