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ABOUT MAGGIE-We decided to get a puppy and began scouring the local online market places in the beginning of July in 2005. We answered an ad that was advertising small, mixed breed pups, made an appointment and drove an hour north to NordingrĂ¥ to visit the puppies. The breeder had the puppies out in her yard in a small enclosure. The pups were 8 weeks old. She told us that the mother was a Papillon and that the father was a Yorkshire Terrier. Both parents were there. One of the puppies looked very much like a Chihuahua, as he was short-haired and black and tan colored. I questioned the owner, because the father of the puppies did not look like a pure bred Yorkie to me, but she insisted that he was.There were four puppies in the litter. One had been sold already. Beside the one that looked like a Chihuahua, there was Maggie and then another female that had the same features as Maggie, only she was all brown with a black stripe running down the middle of her back. We decided that we liked the coloring of little Maggie and her sweet disposition, so we happily bought her and took her home that day.I have heard of so many names of this mixed breed. They can be called Yorkipaps, Papiyorks or Yorkillons! Maggie has the Yorkie face with the Pap ears and coloring. So many people that meet her have said what a perfect combination of breeds she seems to be!One of the neat things about Maggie is that we will never forget her birthday. She was born on May 5, 2005, so it's 5/5/05! So I suppose you could say that her lucky number is 5!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dogs and Fireworks-Not a Friendly Combination

We humans love fireworks. They are a part of many culture's celebrations across the globe. In the United States, most towns and cities put on an incredible fireworks display on Independence Day. In Europe, fireworks are used to celebrate holidays the year round. As an American living in Sweden, I was not aware that Swedes shoot off fireworks on New Year's Eve with total abandon gusto! There are no restrictions regarding the sales of these air-born rockets to the average citizen, believe it or not.
I am the owner of a dog. She is now three years old. She is a wonderful, small female mixed breed between a Papillion (her mother) and an Yorkshire Terrier (her father). She is a very well-balanced dog. She loves and trusts everyone and loves to go along with me whenever she can.
The sale of fireworks begins here in earnest in early December. You can hear the occasional one here or there being fired at any time in December, as it seems some people are too anxious to save them until New Year's Eve. My dog hates fireworks. If we are out for a walk and one goes off, she will immediately turn toward home and pull on the leash in that direction and nothing I say or do will convince her that 'it's ok'. As you can imagine, the closer to the big holiday, the more often we encounter this when going out for a walk.
This past New Year's Eve I was home alone with the dog. I took her out at around 8 pm because I knew it would be pointless to try and take her out much after that time. She was hesitant to leave the front step, but I convinced her to at least take a few steps away from the building so she could relieve herself.
When midnight came, our neighbors from downstairs came out the door with their party guests and were carrying four full cases of fireworks! They did not even have the consideration to go several dozen feet or yards away from the apartment building; rather they set up their makeshift 'launching pad' only fifteen feet from the building!
They proceeded to fire off some pretty impressive rockets, complete with the 'whooshing' noise and the smoke. My poor dog was frantic! She saw the bright flashes in the front windows and tried to leave the apartment. I closed the blinds, turned up my music a bit, but nothing could damper the incredible noise coming from just outside the windows. I talked calmly to her, held and reassured her, but to no avail. She was shaking with fear! She finally took refuge in the shoe rack at the front door. She literally crawled onto the shoe rack and cowered there in the corner until the celebrating was over an hour later.
Next year, sadly, I will have to make a visit to my vet to get her a tranquilizer so she can endure the long night. I know that there are countless pet owners out there that feel, as I do, that there should be restrictions on the sale and use of fireworks.
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  1. Poor Maggie! I know she must have been so scared. She is such a cutie!
    Fortunately my dogs don't be afraid of the fireworks. One tends to stay alittle closer to me during them. Another one likes to bark at them.

  2. Hey there (or should I say "hej?"),
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Funny enough, I lived in SE for a while, too! That was pre-dog days, though, but I do sympathize with you about the fireworks. :( That stinks. Your little Maggie is so cute!

  3. I know, my dogs get so scared of fireworks.
    They hide under the sofa and refuse to come out even to eat.


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